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What does a well-executed social media strategy build for a funeral business?

What does a well-executed social media strategy build for a funeral brand?

Times change. Are you keeping up with social media communication?

Times change. Is your funeral home keeping up with social media ? It’s time to start. 

Builds community

Social media is a powerful and affordable way to keep your face, name, or funeral service brand in front of others in your local community. Every day on multiple social media platforms conversations about events, schools, business and more is happening online.  Are you part of the local conversations? Are you influencing your neighborhood in a positive way?

Builds Funeral Brand

Social media has proven to an affordable method in reach your local audience. In the past many would use direct mail, telemarketing, and newspaper as a means to reach their prospects. The aforementioned marketing techniques could be defined by gender, age, address, interest, income, etc. etc. Today, for a fraction of the cost of the old advertising methods, social media provides a way to define your target market by many variables. Your brand can be built at a lower expense and at a faster pace.

Builds relationships

You may be surprised to learn that friendships and business relationship can be started, nurtured and grow into a very special relationship on social media. Social media provides the users opportunities to connect with likeminded people who share similar experiences or life events. Conversations occur online which start, nurture and grow into a strong healthy relationships.

Builds perception

It’s been said “perception is reality.” Social media provides a way to build the perception the community has about you and your funeral home. How? Think about this, if you decided to posts complaints and gripes online week after week, then soon, others in your community will view you as a complainer. Reverse this thought, what if; you posted helpful community information and news. Soon your community will perceive you as a helpful and well informed member of the community. You can effectively shape the perception through proper use of social media.

About Funeral Impressions

Funeral Impressions is social media marketing and Management Company owned and managed by a licensed funeral director. With over 30 years of building brands, Funeral Impressions can help you reach your local community and shape the online conversations in a positive way. Contact us Funeral Impressions for a free social media consultation.