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Seven rules for successful social media postings for funeral service providers

Seven social media tips for funeral homes and cemeteries. 

Seven tips to improve your social media posts.

Seven tips to improve your social media posts.

We all would love see our social media posts go viral. But the facts are viral posts are rare in compared to the amount of posts that happen everyday. But there are rules you can implement which will help your posts create a positive impression for your funeral home or cemetery.



1.Have a written social media policy for employees. Define topics which are forbidden.           Define topics which are encouraged.

2. Take time to train your staff on how @ or # your firm in a post

3.Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

4. Don’t be afraid to delete a tweet or post. You control the message. You have the power to     remove the post.

5. Like, follow, and engage churches and faith based groups in your community

6. Don’t post when you are angry or feeling down. Your feelings can come through                     the post.

7. Remember social media takes time.


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