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Highlights from the Ohio Funeral Directors Association Convention

Three take a ways from the Ohio Funeral Directors Association state convention.




For the past 30 years I have been a licensed funeral director and embalmer. So this wasn’t my first convention rodeo, but it may have been one of my best.  I reacquainted with college peers, former colleagues, and I made new friends. Networking is more than just about business. Networking is about relationships. I learned about my friend’s children, grandchildren, communities and more. The relationships were deepened by time and acquaintance. It was a pleasure to see friends from the past three decades of funeral service at the Ohio convention. I hope we have thirty more years ahead of us.

It’s about service

As I spoke with colleagues, attended workshops, and met vendors, the common theme was “provide a better service for my families.” Vendors made a point to share the benefits of how their products or services improved family experience. When I spoke with fellow Funeral Directors their heartfelt concern was to provide a better family experience. This was very encouraging and impressive. Intention attracts results.

It’s about adapting to change.

Whether the topic was the consumer attitudes, pressure from competitors, or business succession; the conversation revolved about how to improve in the future. Change is inevitable. The question is can the industry adapt? From my observation, the funeral industry has forward thinking professionals that embrace change. I look forward to what the future has for our industry.  The eight hundred pound gorilla regarding change is social media as the driving force of change. Will you participate or watch the social media parade pass you by?


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